rev up your resume  


Rev Up Your Resume

Include Introductory Information

  • Begin with a header that includes your full name, address and telephone, e-mail, website and LinkedIn address.
  • Indicate which of the numbers have voicemail.
  • Include a targeted description of your professional objectives at the start of your resume.
  • Keep your objective to 1-2 sentences in length, including keywords that map to the position you are applying for.
  • Highlight sections with major accomplishments

Provide Detail

  • Include detailed information about your skills, not just a vague overview of past responsibilities.
  • Under education, include only the most recent degree you have earned.
  • If you have certification relevant to the position, remember to include it.
  • Never rely on a job title to relay your expertise in a given area. Provide as much detail as necessary for the client to make an informed decision.
  • You do not need to keep your resume under two pages in length.
    Omit personal information (e.g., your age, marital status, or Social Security/Insurance Number, pictures, hobbies, etc).

Maintain Multiple Resume Versions

  • Customize your resume to the company and position to which you are applying, based on your research.
  • Help the potential client or employer see your relevance to the position.
  • Take the time to understand each client's or employer's requirement and tailor your resume to highlight required skills.

Review Your Structure

  • Document experience in reverse chronological order beginning with your most recent work experience.
  • Each job should include the company's name, all positions you held there, and the years and months you were employed.
  • List your greatest strengths up front in point form so the reader's attention will be captured early.
  • Describe your skills and achievements using descriptive, action-oriented language.
  • Provide a Technical Summary for each role you have held - technical skills and the amount of experience you have with each - at the end of your resume.


  • Don’t include references in your resume – note that they are available upon request, and then send them when asked.

Set Yourself Apart

  • Describe significant accomplishments, tangible results, or awards of recognition that set you apart from others with comparable experience.
  • Explain how you provided added value beyond your employer's or clients' basic expectations.
  • Include non-work activities where they reflect positively on your skills and abilities. (E.g. programming you voluntarily contributed to a non-profit organization.)

Check Your Presentation

  • Keep your resume looking aesthetically pleasing by keeping it clear and simple. Choose an easy-to-read, 10 pt. typeface in black. (Recommendation:  Arial).
  • For technologies or major areas of concentration, consider presenting the information in a table.
  • Be sure to include any certifications, accreditations or logos that you have successfully earned.


  • Careless mistakes on your resume may lead a potential employer or client to assume you will be careless on the job.
  • Never rely on computer spell-check or grammar-check functions to proofread your resume.
  • Carefully reread a hard copy of your resume.  Spell-checkers can only catch non-existent and misspelled words, not misplaced words.
  • Ask someone else to review it to catch any errors you may have missed.

Deliver the finished product

  • Email your resume to your Sapphire Resource Manager (RM) as an attachment (Recommendation:  Word).
  • Upload your Word resume to our website at