how to leave your former position  


how to leave your former position

Submit Your Resignation

  • Don’t resign from your position until you have a firm offer from a new employer.
  • Write a brief letter to your manager giving notice of your last day.
  • Outline a list of projects you have been working on.
  • Detail exactly what you will and will not be able to finish before you leave.
  • Provide ample information for your manager to redistribute your responsibilities to other team members.
  • Ensure your letter has a positive tone, even if you are leaving due to personality conflict.

Avoid Accepting a Counter Offer

  • It is almost never in your best interests to accept a counter offer from your former employer.
  • Statistics indicate that most employees who accept counter offers leave anyway within 10 months.
  • Your former employer may offer more money to evade larger issues or buy time to hire a replacement.
  • Think about the reasons why you sought a new position in the first place.
  • Remember that a committed organization will do what it takes to keep you satisfied before you choose to seek a position elsewhere.

End Your Relationship With Your Former Employer Amicably

  • Do all you can to turn potentially negative circumstances into an amicable separation.
  • Maintain your sense of professionalism and integrity at all times.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to minimizing workflow disruption.
  • Keep details about your new position, and how you secured it, confidential.
  • Leave on good terms – you may find yourself working with the same colleagues again in the future.