doing business with Sapphire Canada 


doing business with Sapphire Canada

We help organizations achieve their goals through improved access to their most important resource - talent.  We fill more roles, more often with better candidates than the competition.

As the only national IT staffing company in Canada that focuses exclusively on staffing, we offer you access to the most tenured recruiters in the industry, a proven delivery engine, and award-winning recruitment and candidate management technology.

Each year, we place approximately 4,500 IT professionals in contract and full-time positions covering virtually all roles, levels and platforms. 

With our best customers, we consistently provide:

  • Shortlisted candidates within 24-48 hours
  • 2:1 interview-to-hire ratios  
  • 85% fill rates on exclusive opportunities  
  • 98% contractor retention rates  
  • Reliable guarantees that protect clients in those rare instances when placements do not work out. 

Come see what it’s like to work with a staffing partner that really delivers.